Inspire Vintage (Australia) Pty Ltd

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Acclaim for our brands and our diversity also extends to joint ventures, exclusive and private labels for our many valued customers. These unique attributes and capabilities have resulted in the company creating relationships with major retailers and global distributors throughout the world including; Metro, Golden Hung Ho and NSLC.

If you are selling a single pallet domestically or exporting 250,000 cases a year, Inspire Vintage has the infrastructure and depth of knowledge to supply the finished product.


The advantage of being a sole distributor for one of Inspire Vintage’s brands are;

- Most products are held in stock allowing us to deliver internationally within 2-4 weeks.

- Our brands have a long history, sound reputation and existing international sales.

- We accommodate smaller orders and can help facilitate the import and export.


The advantage of utilising the services of Inspire Vintage for your own brand are;

- We leverage off our existing scale to produce your brand.

- Having exported wine for numerous years, you benefit from our experience and knowledge.

- Our strategic investment has created a fully integrated Australian wine business.


Whatever your requirements or budget, we invite you to explore the possibilities that partnering with Inspire Vintage can bring to your business.


We are expanding and currently looking for agents, wholesalers and distributors throughout Australia and the world.